I'm trying to convert RCS history files to a git repository, using 
rcs-fast-import tool.

When I run it with "." – for export all *,v files in current directory, I 
get the following problem:

> git init && rcs-fast-export.rb . | git fast-import && git reset

Reinitialized existing Git repository in 

Preparing commits

rcs-fast-export.rb:698:in `initialize': NoBranchSupport (NoBranchSupport)

from rcs-fast-export.rb:1041:in `new'

from rcs-fast-export.rb:1041:in `block (2 levels) in <main>'

from rcs-fast-export.rb:1039:in `each'

If I run the same command with file name, the file is converted 
successfully. BUT running the same command for next file- give the below 

and 'git clone' shows only the first converted file.

> rcs-fast-export.rb pcs_soc_ftr.c,v | git fast-import && git reset

commit export loop #1

118 to export: 1.1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 18.1,, 19.1,, 2.1,,, 20.1,, 21.1,, 22.1,, 23.1,, 24.1,, 
25.1,, 26.1,, 27.1,, 28.1,, 29.1,, 3.1,,, 30.1,, 31.1,, 32.1,, 33.1,, 34.1,, 35.1,, 36.1,, 
37.1,, 38.1,, 39.1,, 40.1,, 41.1,, 42.1,, 43.1, 

no author found for plguest1

no author found for plgioral



warning: Not updating refs/heads/2.1.1.x (new tip 
e755e54e995076ee3860e5acd21378066958edac does not contain 

warning: Not updating refs/heads/37.1.1.x (new tip 
2a43de0df17ddfda5afdcd57c7e0d23e19cf87de does not contain 


What's the correct command to convert multi-files from RCS to git?


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