acppcoder <> writes:
> Is there a way to make git diff show it's output in a format that can be 
> traversed by 'jump to next error' in an editor such as emacs. 

I'm not sure what you want.  If you put the output of git diff into an
Emacs buffer, and put the buffer into diff-mode, Emacs probably has the
functions you want.

It sounds like you want to give Emacs' C-x ! a git-diff command, and
then have C-x ` step through the diff hunks as if they are errors in a
compilation.  The Emacs documentation says

    C-x ` normally uses the most recently started
    compilation, grep, or occur buffer.  It can also operate on any
    buffer with output from the C-x !, M-x grep commands, or,
    more generally, on any buffer in Compilation mode or with
    Compilation Minor mode enabled, or any buffer in which
    `next-error-function' is bound to an appropriate function.
    To specify use of a particular buffer for error messages, type
    C-x ` in that buffer when it is the only one displayed
    in the current frame.

So if you can arrange for your git-diff output to go into a buffer, set
the buffer into diff-mode and route next-error-function to execute
diff-hunk-next, you can probably get that functionality.


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