I would like to use java project from GitHub. I'd like to write and compile 
it using Idea Community Edition 14.0, on my machine, and to perform 
Pull/Push etc to Git. To synchronize the project with Git, I have performed 
the following steps:

   - Idea - VCS -> Checkout from version control - GitHub (master branch 
   was downloaded)
   - Idea - project_name -> Git -> Repository -> Branches -> my_branch_name 
   -> Checkout as new local branch

After these actions it was possible to work with java classes in 
my_branch_name project. But after some time the following message appeared: 
"The directory my_branch_name is under Git, but is not registered in the 
Settings". I have clicked "Add root" :) . And now I can not add new java 
classes, do not see one public class from the another, can not run main 
procedure - there is message "Process finished with exit code 1" (but it 
was run successfully before).

I understand that I have added some new root? How can I fix it now? Please 
help, thanks in advance 

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