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One practice of using git to have one feature per branch.

Let's say a developer has worked on many small features in many
branches. Then he sends one pull request to the central (not
controlled by him) for each feature he has developed. While he is
waiting for all the features be merged into the central repository, he
needs to use all these feature locally.

Isn't the problem here? The long wait is the problem that should be addressed. Either that or being given too many short tasks rather than a few longe tasks that have a natural size match to the organisational wait?

It's no good having Agile developers if the management is still being an elephant bathing in the waterfall ;-)

To do so, he may need to merge the changes in these branches to his
local master branch. But this can be tedious when he has many

Is there a way to somehow setup a branch so whenever something is
committed to the branch, the changes will also be simultaneously
committed to the local master branch? By this way, the develop can
avoid having to merge changes from many branches.

Not a Git answer, but ...
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