Hi - We are implementing GIT/STASH for scripts for automatic creation of 
application servers in AWS (Box + O/S + Application Stack) for multiple 
independent applications, each with their own server. Some scripts will be 
common for 2 or more servers. Prod Deployments are expected to be for 1 
server at a time. 

We are also using Jenkins to automatically do the build/deploy

I'm thinking that we should have either 1 repo per App Server (therefore 1 
for common code) , or 1 Repo for everything with maybe permanant  branches 
for each App Server & 1 branch for  common code. This is primarily to 
enable easy/automatic tracking of changes for each App Server. I'm also 
thinking that the Trunk should be PRODUCTION only (needing a PULL REQUEST 
to merge back in), so we can easily track what has changed in PRODUCTION 
for each AppServer

If anyone has used GIT/STASH for something like this, I'd like to know what 
you recommend to handle this scenario (including branching technique)


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