SoaringEagle <> writes:
> 1.  #  in the top-level directory of the cloned foo.git, add the bar repo 
> as remote_bar:
>     git remote add bar_remote <barRepoGitURL>
>     git fetch bar_remote
> 2.  #  merge the bar repo into foo
>     git merge -s ours --no-commit bar_remote/master

I'm no expert, but my guess is that you're telling Gig "merge everything
between the two commits, and where they differ, choose 'ours'".  But
since the top-level directories have different names, the two commits
differ regarding *everything*, so you only get the 'ours' stuff.

I think you could accomplish this by creating two clones, one with foo
checked out and one with bar checked out.  Then, in foo.git, do

cp -a bar.git-working-directory/* .
git add -A

Now you have all eight directories in your working directory.

Construct the file tree for a new commit containing all these files:

tree=$( git write-tree )

Create a new commit containing these files and with both the foo and bar
commits as parents:

commit=$( git commit-tree $tree foo-HEAD bar-HEAD )

Check out the new commit:

git checkout $commit


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