2015-04-03 1:51 EDT, SoaringEagle <hseum...@gmail.com>:

> 3.  #  read the tree info into the index
>     git read-tree -m -u bar_remote/master
> At this time, i'm surprised to find out the top-level directory contains
> only the 2 sub-dirs of bar.git:
>    bar1  bar2
> and all the top-level foo[1-6] sub-dirs are gone so i can't proceed with
> commit and push.

This is, in fact, the correct behavior documented in git-read-tree(1)

If only 1 tree is specified, git read-tree operates as if the user did not
specify -m, [...]

What you want is the behavior of git-merge(1)
<https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-merge.html>, just
replace the `merge -s ours ; read-tree -m` with a single `git merge

Others have described ways to not merge the branches, and simply move the
content from bar into foo without the history, which might or might not be
what you want (but not what you asked for).


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