I'm running into a problem when attempting to stash a submodule deletion 
when the submodule directory is empty. Below are the steps to reproduce.

$ git submodule add $SUBMODULE_URL path/to/submodule
$ git commit -m "Add submodule"
$ git rm path/to/submodule
$ mkdir -p path/to/submodule
$ git stash save
error: path/to/submodule: is a directory - add files inside instead
fatal: Unable to process path path/to/submodule
Cannot save the current worktree state

This problem came to light in a bug report filed for Overcommit 
<https://github.com/brigade/overcommit/issues/168>, a tool for managing git 
hooks. The tool stashes all changes using `git stash save --keep-index`, 
runs all configured pre-commit hooks, clears the working tree with `git 
reset --hard`, and reapplies the stash with `git stash pop --index`.

If a pre-commit hook fails, the commit is aborted. If a hook fails when a 
submodule deletion is staged, attempting to commit again results in the 
error listed above. This is because the `git reset --hard` step from the 
first attempt restores the empty `path/to/submodule` directory, and on the 
second attempt, `git stash save` doesn't know what to do with it.

This seems like a bug in git to me. Shouldn't `git stash save` be able to 
tell that the empty directory corresponds to a submodule staged for 
deletion, and simply leave it alone?

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