> I am getting the following error while executing the below code snippet 
> exactly at the line if uID in repo.git.log():, the problem is in 
> repo.git.log(),the error happens way down in the bowels of the 
> repo.git.log() command, I think because the output produced by the git 
> command doesn't produce UTF-8. That could be because the git log contains 
> non-UTF-8 data, or for a different reason.
> how do I convert repo.git.log() into decode("utf-8")?
> ..................
> uID = 
> gerritInfo['id'].decode("utf-8")                                            
> if uID in repo.git.log():
>         inwslist.append(gerritpatch)      
> .....................

What program is this code in?  Is it part of Git?


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