I wonder why  "git log -G<regexp>" works with the "regexp-ignore-case" 
option but not with the other regexp-related options? Wouldn't it be useful 
to make the "G<regex>" option support the following options?

   - basic-regexp
   - extended-regexp
   - fixed-strings
   - perl-regexp

Similarly I think it is not very consistent that one cannot combine any of 
the above options with the "S<string>" but instead have yet another option 
called "pickaxe-regex" to toggle between "fixed-string" and 
"extended-regexp" semantics for the argument passed to option "S".

The description of the above options in the git-log(1) manpage of Git 
version 2.1 do not explicitly say that they *do not* support the "G<regex>" 
and "S<string>" option.

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of the above options collaborate with each 

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