Yvon Fanfe <takouarna...@gmail.com> writes:
> tried *"git clone https://path.to.the.server/project_directory/.git to
> clone the project but id doesn't worked. It always fail printing the
> error, *$ git clone path.to.the.server/project_directory/.git Cloning
> into 'xxx'... fatal:  repository
> 'path.to.the.server/project_directory/.git' not found*

Beware that for many HTTP servers, if they are configured in the default
way, the URL for the file /a/b/c/d is *not*
https://server-address/a/b/c/d.  Usually, the server will only look for
files in some direction, such as /http.  So when you ask for
"http://server-addres/a/b/c/d"; the file it looks for is /http/a/b/c/d.


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