lyang001@lyang001-OptiPlex-9010:~/stats/gitstats$ git log
--pretty=format:'%ad %an' --date=short --since='2013-1-25'
2013-09-22 Alexander Strasser
2013-07-29 Heikki Hokkanen
2012-12-16 Andrey Devyatkin
2013-07-26 Heikki Hokkanen
2013-07-23 Heikki Hokkanen
2013-07-23 Stephen Gordon
2012-08-26 Sven van Haastregt    -------------> this is not what I wanted
2013-02-24 Heikki Hokkanen
2013-02-24 Heikki Hokkanen
2013-01-28 Ernesto Jiménez

But I want to get the time only between '2013-1-25'  and '2013-11-03', Is
there a general way to remove them since I have may of this kind of
unexpected results


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