Hello everyone,

Hope this is the right place to announce a new git tool.

It's called multigit, and it allows you to work with multiple repositories 
overlaid over a single directory. 

URL: https://github.com/capr/multigit

It's used extensively as the package manager for luapower[1], and it's 
similar to vcsh[2] for those who know that project.

It is useful for projects which are made of different components that are 
developed separately, but which need to deploy files in different parts of 
the directory structure of the project, like for instance:

  * manage customizations made to a web app in a separate repository.
  * putting your home directory under source control.
  * package and/or config manager for a Linux distro.

I hope someone finds it useful.


[1] https://luapower.com/luapower-git
[2] https://github.com/RichiH/vcsh

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