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Massoud Yeganeh <massoud.yega...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Original document will be reviewed and edited by a few people.
> Then later it will branched to different variations.
> Also, root document will be translated by different people to their
> own languages.
> The root document, these translated documents and branched document
> will be updated (root changes or better translations).
> How to manage this? 

Mark, Massoud, I started to question whether you're actually on the
right track to find the solution to your problem.  In my eyes, the
problem with your approach is that you might not need a VCS in the
first place or at least not *that* sharp tool Git is.  Please don't be
too driven away by the fact Git is currently on the hype and is the
de-facto VCS most new software projects pick (to the point that some
people asking for VCS-related help on non-VCS support forums do not
mention what VCS they are talking about as they imply Git).  Git is
wonderful, but it's tailored to a specific task: managing source code
of a software project by a person with advanced skill set and
consequently matching demands to their tools.  To me, it seems that
your use case doesn't fall into this categorization (yes, I know that
lots of inexperienced folks use Git but the question is should they use
it in the first place).

So, I'd like to ask you both: did you try to explore if one of the
so-called "document management systems" (DMS) is actually the suitable
fit for your use case?  For instance, the Alfresco project is a mature
and free DMS.  A DMS allows you to inject documents, set up their
workflow (approval, submission to other persons etc), manage their
versions, receive notifications about edits etc.  And all this using
a simple (typically web-based) interface.

Honestly, after reading your questions, I fancy how someone in your
enterprise pulls from a shared Git repository, gets a merge conflict
and... I'm just not sure that will play well, especially given the blob
nature of those MSO documents (IOW, they are unmergeable in a normal
sense).  Do you really want to learn about remote vs local branches in
Git?  Suitable merge strategies to deal with blobs?  I'm not so sure.

Hence I'd suggest to first look at a DMS system and if else fails look
at a centralized VCS (Subversion is a typical goto solution) or at least
a VCS system which mimics a centralized workflow as much as possible --
with Fossil being a good fit.

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