John Bleichert <> writes:
> I understand that the underlying git principle is that "everything is 
> local". Is there really no way to compare local to remote?
> Alternatively, should I be branching and merging every time I switch 
> machines? This seems a strange way to use the tool.
> As I said - hi level question and, otherwise, everything works fine. 
> Am I missing something fundamental?

I suspect the answer is "yes and no".  One central principle is that a
commit's hash tells *everything* about it; a commit with a different
contents or a different ancestor has a different hash.  So if you want
to ask "Is the master branch in my repository the same (in every way) as
the master branch in the remote repository, all you need to do is check
that the refs' values (that is, the hashes of the tip commits) are the

OTOH, if you want to check that *every* ref in your repository is the
same as the ref of the same name in the remote repository, you've got to
find a command that will list all the refs in the remote repositories
and their values, and then compare those values with the local values.


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