I have tools that I collected through years and which fit into the same 
categories on free machines - home desktop, laptop and corporate machine, 
now I want to sync them through git. I need possibility to have them in all 
places and need ability to do this selectively:
- laptop has SSD disk, it would get clogged if I pull all tools, I need 
only basic set and rest on demand
- home domain tools doesn't need to be present on workplace machine and 
- some tools like to keep their configuration in current dir(git ignore )

Tools are organised into categories:
  - category 1
-tool 1 
-tool 2
-big file that shouldn't get synced into laptop with SSD disk but available 
on demand
-tool 3 
-small files
                -corporate only file that can't get onto home machine
  - category 2 
-tool 1
-private tool that can't get onto corporate machine
-tool 3

Could you propose me some workflow? I know how submodules work and it'll 
partially fit into what I want to do, but wondering how to not being forced 
to sort files by attributes(corporate, home, big files) on filesystem. I 
would rather stay with sorting by category1, category2. Is it possible to 
sync basing on tags, or similar solution?

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