I've just started a position where we are not yet using version control at 
all. The team was previously just a single developer, and now there are 
three of us. I've used git before on teams, but not in an environment 
exactly like this, and I need some advice.

The code we are working on is a mix of BASIC and front end web languages. 
It is stored on a Red Hat server running a UniVerse 
<http://www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-universe> database, and we 
use wIntegrate <http://www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-wintegrate> 
to access and edit the code. wIntegrate downloads the code to our local 
machine, where we can edit it and then upload the files back to the server 
via FTP. In order to test our changes, the code MUST be running on the 
server -- it can't be run locally on our machines. The server in our office 
is not a production environment, it's a development environment. Testing 
and production servers operate in our clients' offices.

Naturally, we are looking to migrate to a version control platform.

Supposing I initialize a git repo in our development server where the code 
is. I imagine our workflow looking like this:

   - Team members clone the repo to local machines
   - Team members each create a branch and do their work
   - Team members push changes to the development server

Here's where I need advice. How do you go about testing the code in 
different git branches on the server?

I am imagining I putty into the server, checkout my branch, run the code. 
Is this possible? But what's to stop other team members from doing the 
same, at the same time? There are only three of us, we can communicate, but 
in principle I would prefer to have a better solution, if possible.

We debated the option of imaging the server to run on virtual machines 
locally on each team member's computer. But I'm not sure if this is 

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide more 

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