On Tue, 26 May 2015 22:24:25 +0530
Kalpa Welivitigoda <callka...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> Thanks for all the support rendered. I tried the above method and
> >> it places the directory from repoB to the correct place on repoA.
> >> But if I log the commits for dir1-2 in repoA (git log
> >> dir1/dir1-2), it shows only the merging of the tag, not the
> >> individual commits for that particular directory. But if I do a
> >> git log from root of repoA, it shows all the commits. Is it
> >> possible to have the commits for dir1-2 ?
> >
> > Given the merge commit, does
> >
> >   $ git log <that_merge_commit>^2
> >
> > show you the proper history line?
> yes, it is correctly displayed.

Okay, see below.

> Following is the output of $ git log --all --graph --decorate
> --oneline
> *   9c97cd4 (HEAD, master) Merge tag 'tags/Bdir12'
> |\
> | * af56821 (tag: Bdir12) updating dir1-2
> | * d0b8f8a adding dir1-2
> * 2f4b0ae adding dir1
> * 854521c adding dir1/dir1-3
> * 6f54cfb adding dir1/dir1-1
> * 2ff6f17 adding dir2
> * 0710523 init commit

Well, then I don't understand what's your problem with this, really...


  $ git log <that_merge_commit>^2

display commits

  af56821 updating dir1-2
  d0b8f8a adding dir1-2

or not?

I mean, that Git encantation which provided you with the nice ASCII-art
display of your repository correctly rendered the merge commit 9c97cd4
as having two parents -- with the "left" (or "baseline") commit being
your repoB history and the "right" side being the history extracted
using `git subtree split` from the repoB.

So... Are these two commits really what you wanted to have or not?
I'm asking because first you state that whatever you get is OK to you
and then you cite the output of `git log ... --graph --all` but do not
tell it looks OK to you.  Hence I can't grasp if you're satisfied with
the situation or need further assistance?  If you do need it, then with
what exactly?

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