I am planning on using submodules in a way, where I can specify a 
configuration of repos with tags, and rebuild the submodule tree, when 
selecting a configuration on the top level.

But, yet I have found no easy way to select the tag in a subrepo. I would 
like the .gitmodules to accept tag instead of branch. I think there is very 
little difference between specifying a branch or a tag, but it is more 
convenient to have the release version as a tag.

So, if a product A, consist of subcomponents a1, a2 and a3, the version 
v1.1 of product A will have a configuration saying: a1, tag=v0.4; a2, 
tag=v1.0; a3, tag=v2.0

Subcomponent can be both a pre-built binary or a shared/common source base, 
or a complete 3rd party repository.

Is this comparable to your situation?


Den onsdag 20 maj 2015 kl. 10:11:43 UTC+2 skrev Sarah Frawley:
> Hi there
> I am a design automation engineer supporting 200+ designers who use git 
> for hardware design.  We also use the submodule feature where we can have 
> quite complex hierarchy’s with 10+ layers.  We have experience issues with 
> re-use of design projects was we move from one project derivative to 
> another due to the complexity of the hierarchy along with lack of 
> discipline (using absolute paths in .gitmodule files). To enforce more 
> discipline I am currently working on a pre-commit hook to check the 
> integrity of .gitmodule files.  I would be interested in seeing how other 
> users in the community find submodules for large scale projects and if 
> there are any best known methods for using them.
> Thanks,
> Sarah 

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