I'm looking at implementing Git into our organisation, I've been looking 
into it for a few day now.  I understand perfectly how it would work if I 
was developing stand alone websites using local / remote repos but this 
modal doesn't fit in my situation, so I'd really appreciate some advice.

We have a number of production web servers all serving database driven web 
content from cgi-bin, each live server has a respecitve development 
server.  Currenlty I just use SFTP to work on projects.  The problem I have 
is that our database servers are locked down so that they can only be 
accessed from our webservers, so I can't just create a local repo and work 
locally because every time I make any changes I'd have to save the files 
back to the webserver and commit to see the result.  Additionally we have 
custom modules on our web servers that I can't put on my local machine.

What I want is a set up where I have the option of either: making a copy of 
live project in cgi-bin and working on branch to perform edits/updates, or 
take a clone of a live project and work on it from the dev server. via my 
local machine  The problem is I'm not quite sure what repos I need to set 
up and where, is there a recommended method?  Say for instance I have an 
existing live project that I want to put under version cotnrol and 
edit/update, do I for example create a production repo  for that project in 
the project root directory (inside cgi-bin), make a branch copy and then 
make my edits to the branch? If I do this wouldn't I then have to commit 
changes before seeing the result of the edits which would mean updating the 
live content?  Or should I create 2 repos on the weberver, production and 
working, clone everything from production to working, then clone that to my 
local machine.  After working on the files locally, commit them back to the 
working repo, then to the production?  Wouldn't this method mean that I'd 
have to create repos in the web root too otherwise I'd have to copy files 
or create a hook to push out updates to the correct directories.  Like I 
said I'm a little stumped here, especially when all I have to do at the 
moment is click 'Save' and point my browser at a copy of a live file.  Any 
pointers would be really appreciated.

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