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> Hi,
> I'll have to take a look at git-annex and bup.
> You're right we've developed a tool that makes externals management easier
> (checking if a newer revision of a external exist, with the option to update
> to a desired new revision and show the log of the referenced external).
> But we won't get rid of externals as we're not only referencing libraries.
> We've built a settings-system that is based on text-files which relies upon
> externals...

I suspect that makes it very difficult for you to move to git, or any
other VCS for that matter.

If you are bent that way, you might want to think through how the
settings-system's requirements could be satisfied if SVN externals
weren't available.  Maybe there are good arguments to move in that
direction even while you continue to use SVN... once that is done it's
easy to slip in git :)


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