I would like to select a set of files to work on them, then merge them back to 
the dev branch.

My problem is, that I have two repos, a production one on the live server and a 
local one on the local development server.

When I make a diff between them, I see there are too many changes between them. 
These repos are new, so they have no chance history.
Usually I use Git Extensions and use command line only when feature is missing 
from Git Extensions. 

Earlier I tried to use submodules to separate a group of files, while I do work 
on them. 
But submodules handling is nightmare, using them caused more problem, than 

I also tried to use branches to separate some unfinished feature developments, 
but later when I compare to head, the other changes done since the unfinished 
development are also listed in Git Extensions. 

This is why I would like to group some files then work on them and merge back 
after finishing development. 

Rebasing would be also a solution, but I found, that I can only rebase within a 
branch and not between branches. 

I try to make the content of two repos similar as much as I can, doing commit 
of selected files, but there are still too much difference. 

I'm thinking of using subtrees, but not sure if it will be solution for my 

Any ideas, suggestions? 

Konrad Lorinczi 

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