I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out how to setup a Git 
repository for our existing web application.  There are several reasons for 
migrating to Git (from Visual SourceSafe), but the two biggest reasons are: 
1). making the code more multi-developer friendly and 2). we are migrating 
to the AWS cloud and it will make it easier to use Git to assist in code 

That being said, I'm not sure the best practice for getting our existing 
code into Git.  We currently have a Test server and Production server, so 
we have two copies of the code and the developers access the code directly 
on the Test server and make changes there.  Because of this, we have code 
files on the Test server that I want in the repository, but in most cases I 
do not want these files to ever make it to the Production server.  So on to 
my actual question, how can add ALL the code on the Test server to the 
repository, but only have a subset of that code identified to deploy to the 
Live server?

I've thought about making the Test code the master branch and creating a 
"production" branch where the Production code subset would live, but when i 
think through the process of merging master changes into the production 
branch it would see that, without a ton of effort, the "test-only" files 
would come along for the merge, which is not desired.

Any suggestions or comments you may have to help me figure this out are 
extremely welcomed.  Thank you.

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