We're working with an old system where we have to test changes on the dev 
server before committing, and we code new features on local branches, but a 
co-worker wants to merge in local branches to the local dev branch then 
push to origin/dev, but I'd rather have the developers push their local 
branches to origin and then make a pull request for the build master to 
review the branch changes and then merge into dev if there's no problem.

We got our model from git-flow but it says to do it either way, and we 
switch off build mastering, and while it might be more convenient for 
developers to just merge their local branches into local dev, if all of the 
developer's commits are pushed up to origin/dev, then the build master has 
to filter through by commit rather than by branch, and corrections would 
have to be made either with new commits or cherry-picking out the bad 
commits, which seems more painful than just reviewing a branch and 
requesting corrections.

Which is better? I want to know from more experienced people (this is the 
first time we've build-mastered) what they think.

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