I'm very interested in running pre-commit code reviews, however I have a 
couple of obstacles in my way...

All the code-review tools expect to manage their own repository. I'm in a 
situation where our repository remote. Ideally, what I would like to do is:

1) Developers pull from remote master
2) Developers commit & push to benevolent dictator repo (which code review 
tool is watching)
3) Commit on benevolent dictator repo is reviewed and approved
4) Code Review system pushes from dictator repo to remote master
5) Continuous Integration/Deploy process is kicked off when seeing new 
commit on master

So far, I can't find any system or process to accomplish steps 3 & 4... I 
understand it could be done if pushing to an individual's repository for 
review and push, but we would lose out on centralized tooling and 
visibility that Gerrit/Stash/Phabricator could provide. Has anyone tried 
this setup successfully?


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