What are rules to follow when you plant to use git for developing a web 
site? Firstly I tried to create lots of branches for each part of a web 
site (index, authentication, member page) but soon I faced lots of problems:

1) What I should do with database which is continuously modified over time 
(should I upload it to git)?

2) Should I use single or multiple branches for separate pages (index, 
authentication and member pages)?

3) How can I automatically deploy web site if it contains database's and 
mail gateway's credentials?

It's a bit easier to use git when you already have a web site. In that case 
we simply create new branch for each update. I guess there are no unique 
solution for my case and each and every person finds its own way to use git 
but any suggestion/sharing experience will be highly appropriated

Thanks in advance

Yehuda Katz

p.s. I do not use frameworks during web site development process

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