> So which repo contains expanded keywords?  If yours, then do a 
> recursive `sed` (or whatever) invocation on all that thousand of files 
> and make a single commit titled "Normalize CVS keywords".  Then merge 
> normally.  If the foreign repo contains expanded keywords, may be 
> `git rerere` might be of help -- it's specifically designed to remember 
> how you resolved past merge conflicts. 

There is a repo with original software.
I have a repo, which contains an installed software, which has expanded cvs 
When I started development I did not use git, yet, so all developments were 
done on the installed version, which contained expanded cvs keywords.

So maybe you are right, I should run sed through all my repo, but I'm 
afraid I can not write a regular expression, which can absolutely safely 
replace cvs keywords.
For a thousand file, I can not be sure it will not break something.
This is why I forced the clean & smudge way.


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