We have around 110 projects in our Gerrit server and many of them are small 
in size.
But there are 4-5 repositories where binaries/artifacts are stored and this 
should be under version control. 

But they are pretty huge and the bare repository size itself is 60G, 32GB, 
16GB, 9GB, etc ... These are mostly used for read access by the normal 
developers, but would be modified by the CM production account. Recently we 
could see huge performance issue and fine tuned the server using below 
    1) container.heapLimit to 16 GB
    2) ldap_groups.maxAge to 1h
    3) ldap.accountScope & ldap.groupScope to one
    4) database.poolLimit to 64

+ Performed Gerrit gc 

*Server configuration: 32 GB RAM & 16 cores.*

Now, it looks OK and there are no major time outs. But, still not resolved 

Are there any other solutions to have these repos in version control 
without impacting the performance? I have gone through "git fat" which is 
quite easy to use. I would like to know if there are any other better 
proven solution for this. 

Thanks in advance, Anu

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