this might be a trivial or already answered question, but I'm not able to 
find anything on the subject (perhaps I'm not sure what to ask about in the 
git terminology).
As a background -- we are planning to migrate Kaldi from the svn 
repository to github.  
There are already Kaldi repositories in github (created by git svn clone 
and pushing to github), created by independent developers.
As far as I understand, looking at the sha sums, from git POV these are 
completely different repositories. 
Is there some way how to explain to git, that content-wise, these are the 
same directories?

To give you a concrete example:
Let's take these two repositories

They share the trunk (master),  but  when I clone my repo:
git clone
git remote add vimal

and then for example:
git checkout dur-model
git merge vimal/DCCA

will generate a conflict for (possibly) every file in the repository and 
will auto-resolve most/some of them, but there still be ~1000 conflicted 
files. That is a nightmare.
Is there some way how to "explain" git that these two repositories are 
(almost) the same, content-wise? 

Thanks a lot,

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