I have an SVN repo.
        |_ branch 1
 1. As an SVN user, i added a new file to "branch 1" (file1.txt)  
 2. Now, i went to the git console and using git-svn, I did a fetch and 
merge to trunk (from branch 1 to trunk). 
     Merge went well and i did a "DCommit".
 3. After dcommit the svn:mergeinfo properly was set properly.
    But, the file that i have added "file1.txt" was sent to svn as a "new 
file" it should be as "copied-from-path". Screenshot as below.
[image: Inline image 3]

  If i do a merge in svn it will preserve the file inheritance, as the 
screenshot below.
  it says, the file "Branch 5.6 file 1 -copy.txt" came form "branches/5.6/"
 [image: Inline image 1]

*Any thoughts on this ?*

 Please let me know if you need details

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