I wrote a search & replace perl script, which recursively searches files 
and replaces text in them. After replace, it restores original modification 
time (mtime) of file.

Interesting, that git status doesn't show replaced changes, if the mtime is 
same as original.

Is there a way to force git status to show changes, even if the file dates 
are the same?

$ git log install.php
commit 0c7c30b31e44657a37764b2111a3d1ca18ce81b3
Date:   Wed Jul 22 19:47:29 2015 +0200

    added w for testing

commit 538cc7c44e39f5c9f1364e66176b67592d0a7a2d
Date:   Mon Jul 20 18:30:33 2015 +0200

    Initial commit

Any idea?

Konrad Lorinczi

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