I am using git to manage some circuit components.
Each component is small and I plan to create a "component" project in Git 
to hold all the small components.
Each component may have several released version, such as Comonent1_V1, 
Component1_V2, Comonent2_V1, Component2_V2.
And for future reuse, I may use Component1_V1+Component2_V2, 
or Component1_V2+Component2_V1 in my local directory.
So, I plan to create several directories, each for one version of one 
component. I looks like followings:
     |                 |------------------Version1(Dir)
     |                 |------------------Version2(Dir)

I want to know, is the above a suitable way in Git?   Are there some risks 
for my project and Git?
Any suggestions to cover this case in Git?

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