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> I have two repos R1, R2.
> They should have been the same but due to some goofup they diverged.
> [R1 was on bitbucket; copied to github as R2; something not quite right
> with the copy I guess]
> Now R2 has moved ahead.
> But R1 has branches b1 b2 that did not get to R2.
> How to graft only branch b1, b2 from R1 to R2?
‚ÄčThis is just a thought. I don't have a way to test it. git clone R1
somewhere new. In the new working directory, do a git branch -D on all
branches other than b1 & b2. So the new working directory now only has b1 &
b2 in it. Do a git remote add for the R2 directory. Now do a git pull from
R2. The working directory, I think, would now have all of R2 plus b1 & b2
from R1. Do a git push --all R2 to update R2.‚Äč


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