As my project requirements changes as I develop, I often create branches to 
keep the change isolated from each other rather than deleting the codes or 
modules that are not needed at the moment but might be later on. I did not 
use stash since changes are quite frequent and I don't want to overwhelm my 
stash log that it might get out of hand in the future.

On this case I have two branches.


This is my current working branch with all the updated commits.

*phase-1-analytics* This is a branch from phase-1-final but has an 
additional pod library 'Google analytics'

Now that the client decided to put the analytics back on the project I 
wanted to simply merge both. But I'm having troubles because the analytics 
pod library dont get included after the merge.

Here's the log of the commands I've tried

git checkout phase-1-final
git merge phase-1-analytics


CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in 

git status

Got logs of modified files to commit and

Unmerged paths:(use "git add ..." to mark resolution)

both modified: 

I tried adding/commiting the Pods/

git add Pods/
git commit -m "Integrated Analytics."
git status

It gave me this:

You are currently rebasing branch 'phase-1-final-merge' on '5000699'. Not 
really sure whats going on but I tried pushing anyway.

git push -v origin phase-1-merge

It was successful but when I ran the project. All files are updated except 
that I am missing my Google Analytics library on my pod/podfile

Additional info: *.gitignore*

# OS X Finder.DS_Store



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