Hello Mir,

On Saturday, August 8, 2015, Mir Henglin wrote:
> During my initial installation of git I selected the option to allow git 
> to be used from the command line
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-TSp0C-mMlK0/VcWbShr9kKI/AAAAAAAANMM/JUOCahEqK5k/s1600/gitsetup.png>
> Now, however, I would like to UNDO that setting and remove whatever edits 
> the git installation process made to my path variable. 
> Uninstalling has been the only thing I have tried thus far and it has 
> proven ineffective. Any advice on where to look or what changes git makes 
> during the installation are appreciated.

The screen shot that you included is the selection of "Use Git from the 
Windows Command 
Prompt". This prompt has the details "This option is considered safe as it 
only adds some 
minimal Git wrappers to your PATH to avoid cluttering your environment with 
optional Unix tools.
You will be able to use Git from both Git Bash and the Windows Command 

This suggests to me that you will be able to undo this by modifying your 
Windows PATH 
environment variable. (On my Windows 7, this is found in the Environment 
button under the Advanced tab of System Properties.) 

Your PATH should be some entries there that point to your Git installation. 
You can safely 
remove these (with administrator privileges) by manually removing them from 
the PATH.

I hope this helps!

Rick Umali / Author: "Learn Git in a Month of Lunches" / 

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