Wondering if you could shed some light here.


The blame api is very useful to track the changes by line of code. However 
given the git behavior with commit and author timestamp after merge, not 
sure whether the output is a reflection of what we would like to see. Here 
is a test case. Developer X modified line#10 and checked in the code in 
file F1 on Aug 6th into feature branch B1 with commit id "c1". on Aug 15th, 
the code was merged from feature branch into master with commit id "c2". 
When i checkout the master branch and run blame on a file F1, i would 
expect it to show that against line#10, the commit "c2" and timestamp of 
Aug 15th since this reflects the time when the change was introduced in 
master branch. however it shows "c1" and Aug 6th.


Any thoughts will be very much appreciated?

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