On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 01:18:23PM -0500, Sean Johnson wrote:
> > I put my git password in .git/config
> Please don’t do that. 
> I notice that you’re using Github. You would be better served to
> create SSH keys, and assign the public keys to your different
> identities. Using ~/.ssh/config configurations you could name the
> identities, and associate each SSH key with each identity. That
> provides you both the convenience and the security. 
> To assign an SSH public key to a Github account go to Settings ->
> SSH keys. In the event that your private key is compromised or lost,
> it also provides the ability to disable the public key part (i.e.
> delete if).  

Indeed, when using git+ssh one should rely on ssh's ability to handle
credentials.  For other transports it's useful to know of
Do read it carefully since there are security-related trade-offs to be


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