So I'd like to know the proper way to undo a merge.

Searching on stack overflow gave me lots of different results with different 
people warning about different things. 

In my case, I've got a branch "Integration test", and a branch 
"WhyDoesItCrashP" -- that last one is just tossing some debugging print 
statements into a section that is causing problems, and they are merged 
together into "throw-away". My thinking is that I can just delete (forceably) 
the branch "throw-away", and then commit more changes onto "whyDoesItCrashP" -- 
and then merge them again.

But in general, what is the proper way to un-commit a merge? Un-committing a 
commit can be done with the right args to git reset, and there's commands to 
commit an "undo" (which then leads to all sorts of fun with "be sure to commit 
an undo to the undo later"), but if I want to rewind both sides of a merge 
(instead of just a single linear commit chain), how is that done?

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