I have the need to maintain repositories (both local and remote) where the 
working file sets are a subset of files within a folder tree, and will 
overlap -i.e. will have files in common.  As an example I might have a 
folder free:

  Folder/File                  Repository
    FileA                      Repo-1  Repo-2
    FileB                      Repo-1
    FileC                              Repo-2

      FileD                    Repo-1  Repo-2

      FileE                            Repo-2
    FileF                              Repo-2

And I want Repo-1 to have FileA, FileB, FileD in its working set, and 
Repo-2 to have FileA, FileC, FileD , FileE, FileF in its working set.

Obviously the repository folders can't both be called .git and live in the 
same folder so where do they live?  How do you set this up?


Windows 7/8

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