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Ram Rachum <ram.rac...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm really lost in your reply. I had a problem: I want to have a push
> command that (1) works even after a rebase and (2) refuses to push
> when there's a new commit in the remote branch that doesn't exist in
> the local branch. I thought you suggested that `--force-with-lease`
> is a solution. Currently it seems to fail requirement 2, so there's
> no point in talking about requirement 1, so there's no point in
> talking about rebasing at all.
> Is there a way to use `--force-with-lease` so it satisfies
> requirement 2? If you want me to try arguments, then which arguments?
> (Sorry I'm too lost to understand which arguments I should put there.)

OK, let's have a clean start.

Did you read the documentation on --force-with-lease?
If no, please do (it's in the manual page describing `git push`).
If yes, then did you understand how exactly this option modifies the
behaviour of `git push` in all three modes this option can be used?
If no, then which exactly bits caused trouble?

To be clear, I did not use --force-with-lease myself as I don't have
use cases for it but I think I'm able to get you going with using it
*if* you're willing to learn and try things out.  By now, unfortunately,
it looks like you don't want to invest into understanding this stuff
and instead want someone to give you a ready working solution.  If yes,
I'm out, and you might consider asking on StackOverflow or whatnot.
You might also ask on the main Git list but please make sure you have
read [1] and understood the requirements which are there for posting
to that list to succeed.

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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