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Bideep Bezbaruah <bbid...@googlemail.com> wrote:

> This is a service consumed by many users and there is a validation 
> requirement where every user trying to use this service, needs to be 
> authenticated against the repo that is passed. For ex: User '23784'
> needs to be authenticated against
> https://github.company.com/abcd/devrepo URL before allowing to
> proceed further.

Yes, this is quite obvious. This is how any single-pass authentication
works. ;-)

> I know about the security concern and also this
> works with GitHub access tokens and even with passwords without
> special characters. Just trying to see if there is a way to make it
> work with encoded password.

May be I failed to convey my question properly, but *normally* you
don't encode credentials into URLs when working with Git, and instead
you're either using the so-called "netrc" file for libcurl (a library
used by Git to access repos via http[s]://) or a credential helper
-- a program which supplies Git with credentials (which it obtains from
whatever medium it is taught to operate with).

So the question remains: why are you trying to solve this problem
asswards instead of just doing what everyone else normally do?
And so may be it's just simpler to learn about the netrc file and use
it -- hence forgoing the original problem completely?

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