Ok, first question: Why does
git rebase  --onto HEAD RemoveDebugSpam

not work? It results in no change -- it does not move "RemoveDebugSpam" to the 
current HEAD (on a newly checked out test branch)

keybounceMBP:Finite-Fluids michael$ git status
On branch RebaseSimpleMerge
nothing to commit, working directory clean
keybounceMBP:Finite-Fluids michael$ git rebase  --onto HEAD RemoveDebugSpam
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
Fast-forwarded RebaseSimpleMerge to HEAD.
keybounceMBP:Finite-Fluids michael$ git log | head -1
commit 797dcf9ba3f190e1ff8d45cf69f0e779808f26c6
keybounceMBP:Finite-Fluids michael$ git log RemoveDebugSpam | head -12
commit 6bf3b0c4f98c8423224904c31062cfb2b246ea02
Author: Keybounce <michael-git...@stb04.nccom.com>
Date:   Sat Aug 22 19:25:03 2015 -0700

    First step in rebuilding the released source -- remove debug spam

commit 7c1536612061e4854d8f73b1ba6d0f51520ca6f5
Author: Keybounce <michael-git...@stb04.nccom.com>
Date:   Fri Aug 21 19:14:20 2015 -0700

    Need one more file ignored for Eclipse.

So my current commit does not match the parent of "RemoveDebugSpam" after the 
Gitk confirms an identical looking tree afterwards.

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