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  Subject: [git-users] Enhancement: default core.ignorecase to false for all 

  Currently, ignorecase's default setting varies by OS (filesystem), which 
allows Mac and Windows users to be lazy about the casing of filename arguments. 
However, this creates problems for projects with contributors from multiple 
OS's/filesystems. The ignorecase setting can have surprising consequences. For 
example, Mac OS X users with HFS may experience git checkout not actually 
checking out the specified filename, in a poorly designed project with both 
test.py and Test.py. Likewise, git rm may remove the wrong file.

  In future versions of git, could we default core.ignorecase to false, for all 
OS's? This would provide more intuitive git behavior overall, while still 
allowing users to enable the setting if they wish.

That's probably not a good idea. Though there are different Git versions for 
the different OS's anyway, e.g. G4W.

If you are in a mixed OS situation then allowing BOTH test.py and Test.py files 
in the repository would not be acceptable. They could not be checked out in any 
insensitive system which would see them as being the same files, rather than 
different files.

However if it's one or the other, but not both (XOR) in the repo, then it it's 
quite reasonable to allow (cope with) such a mixed case - but ignorecase would 
be typically needed for those OS's. 

At least the main git.git (as used for Linux) has the ignorecase false as 

It's one of those 'No Right Answer(tm)' wicked issues


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