On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 08:24:49AM -0700, Jirong Hu wrote:
> I am new to git, and was a clearcase administrator. Just wondering for
> companies using git, do they usually have a git administrator or the
> development team is doing all themselves?

That depends one the company/team size.  Clearcase is a beast of a
program, it's so big and expensive that I've only ever heard of large
companies using it.  Large company -> many users -> justification to
have a dedicated VCS administrator.

I think that you need to look for large companies using git, but even
there it might be difficult to find a pure git administrator role.
You'll probably have more luck if you aim to combine general Unix, ssh,
Apache/nginx/lighttpd/..., git, gitlab CE, gerrit, Atlassian products,
... Basically it becomes more of a general Unix sysadmin role...


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