So how do you deal with patches that are mostly wrecked by spacing changes?

I've got a couple of files that, in the course of going from point A to point 
B, had tabs replaced with spaces. There's some minor edits, and a lot of 
additions, as shown by "git diff -b"

The problem? I'm on a debugging sub-branch, and these changes all need to go 
back to the main branch.

Because of the tabs to spaces, nothing applies cleanly.

Now, from the main branch to where I am now is a fast forward; nothing has gone 
on the main branch, it's all debugging stuff, and I think I now know what went 

Is there any way to get this patch/this commit's edits onto the parent, or 
should I just plan on doing a fast-forward, and removing the debugging stuff?

For details: Repository is
Base branch is PrepAlpha3
Off of that is debugging stuff on WhatIsUpWithModFluids
The commit I want for the alpha 3 release is FixForFluidsAndThreading

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