Good point. What left is how to make a distinction in the repository of the 
different projects? For example I move T7Suite and T8SuitePro to 
CommonSuite. Are the following actions a good approach?:
- Move current files in CommonSuite to a subdirectory "Common";
- Move T7Suite repro in subdirectory CommonSuite/T7Suite;
- Move T8SuitePro repro in subdirectory CommonSuite/T8SuitePro.

I find it difficult to make dissensions like this :)
development is done in VisualStudio


Op vrijdag 2 oktober 2015 15:25:41 UTC+2 schreef Magnus Therning:
> On Fri, Oct 02, 2015 at 02:44:55AM -0700, Meindert Oldenburger wrote: 
> > Thanks for answering. 
> > 
> > Before CommonSuite code was in Both "main" repositories, now we try to 
> > extract the common parts into CommonSuite. At the end we have 
> > hopefully most of the code in CommonSuite. But T8SuitePro and T7Suite 
> > are differend products that looks the same but are not. 
> To me, "different products" doesn't automatically mean they should go 
> into separate git repos. 
> For instance, as soon as you make a change to CommonSuite you need to 
> rebuild both T8 and T7.  It sounds like you are trying to get as much 
> code as possible into CommonSuite, that would likely also mean that 
> almost *all maintenance* happens there, with the result that both 
> products need to be rebuilt on every change.  So why complicate the 
> build process by requireing 3 checkouts? 
> /M 
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