We've been using git-1.7.3 for some time, and decided to bite the bullet 
and bring it up-to-date. git-2.6.1 built fine on all of our linux-type 
machines, but failed with the error shown below on our Mac OS X 10.9 

 In file included from git-compat-util.h:324:0,                          
                 from cache.h:4,                                        
                 from bundle.c:1:                                       
compat/apple-common-crypto.h: In function 'git_CC_EVP_EncodeBlock':     
compat/apple-common-crypto.h:32:2: error: unknown type name 
compat/apple-common-crypto.h:36:37: error: 'kSecBase64Encoding' undeclared 
use in this function)
compat/apple-common-crypto.h:36:37: note: each undeclared identifier is 
reported only once for each function it appears in

There are a number of other errors, but the all seem to be some variant of 
this one.

The error seems to have started in git-2.1.1; I was able to build git-2.0.5 
on our machine without errors, but nog git-2.1.1, which also produces this 
error. What am I doing wrong?


Mark E. Hamilton

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