On Sat, 10 Oct 2015 20:58:47 -0700 (PDT)
Tzahalla Sircher <tzahal...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I know its because I have " Before the command line (blabash32": $)
> but I dont know how to change it so the quotation marks arent there
> anymore cause its been canceling any command. HELP. Also, changing
> PATH doesnt work.

It's very hard to make any sense out of your question.

What does "git can't recognize any command" even mean?

Say, you type

  git --version

and get what exactly printed back?

Or, do you mean you're on Windows, you're using some version of Git for
Windows, and what you call "git" is in fact "Git Bash" -- the shell
with the prompt in which you're supposed to type Git (and shell)
commands?  Is this correct?

Hey, this list is not about training our mad telepathic skillz.
Please, before firing "send" on your message, take time to re-read it,
and look at it with the eyes of a person who knows precisely nothing
about your setup and see, if your message makes any sense in this case.

To be more precise, in order to try to help you, we need:

1) Your OS (name and version);

2) Specific details of what you call "git".
   That is, what do you run to "use git".
   Don't be afraid to look lame by telling us something like
   "I click such and such icon located in that place..." --
   it's better so tell more details rather than less.

3) What exactly does not work, and how.
   That is, take time, and copy and paste in your message
   what commands you're trying to run, and what output
   you get back.

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