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> It is my first time compiling a program under a (debian) linux system. I
> follow the instruction supplied in the tar file. So I enter the following
> command as root:
> make prefix=/usr/local install install-doc install-html install-info
​If you look down a bit further in the INSTALL member you will see :

Alternatively you can use autoconf generated ./configure script to
set up install paths (via config.mak.autogen), so you can write instead

       $ make configure ;# as yourself
       $ ./configure --prefix=/usr ;# as yourself
       $ make all doc ;# as yourself
       # make install install-doc install-html;# as root

I don't use Debian, that the above is how _I_ set up to recompile git on
RedHat Fedora. I do not know for a fact that this will help, but I humbly
suggest that it _might_. What can it hurt to try?


I also see from your transcript a line about "zlib.h" not found. In Fedora,
this exists only if the "zlib-devel" package is installed. A quick search
gave me some hits on "zlib1g-dev". You may need to install this package.
There may be more development packages you need to install. There is an
entire list of packages needed starting around line 90 in the INSTALL file.
If you do the "./configure", it will whine about things which are missing.
If you need help with "./configure", then enter: "./configure --help | less
" to get an overview of the various parameters you can use.


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