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> I didn't want to compile git for myself unless I have to. The git package
> supplied for my platform isn't working properly. I can't run a simple git
> commit without an error like below:
> Nass> git commit -m "Test"
> fatal: 57e2b8c52efba71d84c56bf6f37581686b9061a3 is not a valid object
​EEEKKKK!!!! I apologize for not seeing this sooner (forest for trees
problem?). Recompiling git will _not_ fix a damaged repository. Which is
what the above seems to be telling you. Have you done the command:

git fsck # check the integrity of the repository information

If not, please do so and post the results. This can take a long time,
depending on how big the repository is and how much history it contains.​ I
would guess (and that's all it is at this point) that either a file has
become corrupted somehow (hardware failure? software failure?) or has been
deleted improperly.


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